Greaux Blue Scholarship

Greaux Blue Scholarship

Have you ever thought about helping a McNeese student by establishing a scholarship but thought there's no way you can afford it? You CAN change a student's life with a gift to the Greaux Blue Scholarship. We're asking all McNeese Alumni and friends to come together and create this endowed scholarship.



The Greaux Blue Scholarship, established through the McNeese Foundation, is a community funded scholarship. Our goal is $15,000 which is the amount required to endow a scholarship. What's an endowment? Endowed scholarships are invested over time for the purpose of gaining income. The endowed principal never depletes in value since only the interest earned from the endowed principal is expended. As long as there's a McNeese State University, this scholarship will be in existence.


The Foundation is currently offering a 15 Gets You 20 matching program. Once the $15,000 goal is met, the McNeese Foundation will award a $5,000 match bringing the scholarship's balance to $20,000. Assuming a five percent payout, a $20,000 endowed scholarship yields a $1,000 annual award. $1,000 goes a long way in offsetting a student's educational expenses and allows them to focus more on their studies.


You don't have to be a millionaire to make a difference. Gifts of any size are appreciated, and when you add up yours, mine and theirs, we'll reach our goal before you know it!





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